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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Disingenuous Twerp

Today's headline could refer to a great many politicians - though not the egregious Trump; nothing disingenuous about that bastard.
No, today I am talking about that well-known wimpy weather-vane. Nick Clegg, erstwhile leader of the sinking Liberal Democratic Party here in England.
During Prime Minister's Questions today in the House of Commons, Clegg's performance was reported by the BBC as follows: 
He [Clegg] accused Theresa May, "prime minister of our country, with no mandate of her own", of having the gall to tell her Conservative Party conference that if "you believe we have a natural affinity with other countries", British internationalism, "you are a citizen of nowhere".
Typical bloody leftie tripe.  The socialists often like to try this one on as well.  What does this ineffectual buffoon mean by "mandate?"
Mr Clegg: (time you studied British Constitution isn't it?) here in Great Britain, we elect PARTIES not "presidents".  We have an excellent Head of State in the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 
Try to keep up.
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