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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pots & Kettles

Jennifer Lauren leaves Ennis Courthouse in County Clare

The woman pictured above is Jennifer Lauren, niece of the famous fashion bloke (I bought a pair of his trousers recently, for £5 at a charity shop).

She has just been fined $2000 for misbehaving on an aircraft.  Amongst the items given in evidence was the statement that she had called an air-stewardess "an ugly blonde bitch" and further called a senior stewardess a "fat, ugly, unhappy, blonde bitch."

Please review the photograph above and consider the well-known expression "A pot calling a kettle 'black-arse'."

As is often found in "celebrity" circles, there appears in this case, to be an excess of money and a dearth of class.

I rest my case.

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