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Monday 6 January 2014

Michael Schumacher

Doubtless, the irony of the 7-times FI world champion having survived over 20 years of motor-racing only to endure a near-fatal accident whilst skiing for pleasure, has already been remarked upon by many people.

Sadly he remains "stable but critical" according to today's bulletin from the hospital at Grenoble where he is being treated.  It would appear to be impossible at this stage for the doctors to offer any kind of prognosis following what appears to have been a very severe crash.

The BBC item refers to the German magazine Der Spiegel reporting that a bystander had apparently captured Schumacher's fall in a video recorded on his telephone.

The BBC says:

"The magazine says that a flight attendant from Essen who was filming his girlfriend on the slopes happened to catch what he believes was Schumacher's fall in the background.
The 35-year-old planned to hand the footage over to prosecutors, Der Spiegel reported."

Why would the "35-year-old" hand the footage to the prosecutors I wonder?  Another incidence I suppose of today's stupid blame culture where someone has to be guilty of something whenever there is an accident.

Look: Michael Schumacher an experienced skier, was skiing "off-piste" for recreation.  He was unlucky enough to fall and collide with a rock.  That's it.  Why the need for a prosecutor?  Or are they trying to tell us that there is some sinister agenda - perfect fodder for the conspiracy loonies that abound?


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