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Thursday 2 August 2012

Another Thursday Passes


And, now that we are already in August, more depression looms as soon some significant anniversaries will arrive:  11th August, 30th August, with more to come in September.

It only gets worse.

Forget any other bollocks that I have written here; I love her, pure and simple.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

Is there no point at which you can forgive and move on. Your self torture is palpable. I too have gone mad with loss.My partner also. Weekly my friends die (the reason for my absence)and still we must go on . Live life for the life you have and not a fantasy of what might have been.
I reply to your blog because you seemed so depressed and you say comment helps to make life a little better.

Paul said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write as you have; my sympathy for your recent loss.

For myself, well, it is as I wrote, the missing, and in February I explained that this was the worst broken heart of my life (twice from the same person over thirty years).

Yes, I am depressed and worse, want no-one else.

Best wishes to you and thanks again.