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Saturday 11 August 2012

Love the Unfamiliar Name


Well, like all anniversaries, it had to come, and now it's here: what last year was the happy and glorious 11th; no more

The next miserable anniversary will be 30th August (i.e. T + 366).  All Thursdays remain as a weekly and poignant reminder of what was and what should have been.

I am grateful to the late Rosamond Lehmann who included the following two pieces in her autobiographical The Swan in the Evening.

"She turned away from me, and she went through the Fair;
And fondly I watched her move here and move there;
And she went on her way, with one star awake,
As the Swan in the evening moves over the lake."

"Who then devised the torment? Love.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove."

Poetry in this case is no comfort - just perhaps a little sympatique.

Edit: the exact anniversary in fact occurs at 01 26 on 12th August, but given the rest of what transpired a year ago, 11th is good enough.  I AM a pedant.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

please my friend ,no more talk of pills and death..........do not let your life be destroyed by this suffering. You will not move on but at least remain in place ...give your life another direction....dont let this "missing" be a reason for your future.

Paul said...

"dont let this "missing" be a reason for your future."

This IS my future I'm afraid; nothing to be done; the Future rests in hands that are not my own.