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Sunday 24 June 2012



Yes, bloody angry; most likely cause, fatigue - from constant thoughts of you-know-who.

I have never been able to understand the behaviour of those people whose lives have been blighted by the murder of their spouses or children etc., etc., who then meet up with the murderers and forgive them; even today I read that H.M. The Queen is to shake hands with that mass-murderer Martin blood-on-his-hands McGuinness.  Who is responsible for this outrage I wonder?  Surely it's not Her Majesty's idea?

I would never forgive - never, ever.  All terrorists should be summarily executed - I suggest a 9mm bullet in the back of the head.

So why the anger?  Because I am hoping to combat the fatigue by learning to hate my ex-girlfriend about whom I have been writing here these last five months.  With her disgusting, indeed contemptible behaviour, she has ruined my life and indeed she chose a time when I was at my most vulnerable.


There are two women from my past whom I hate and have hated for many years.  I will never forgive them, though of course the long passage of time has removed the pain.

As I have written, this last episode has been the joint worst of my life, the other occasion being caused by the same bitch thirty-one years ago; I have never been able to hate her - I told her this and since I was very close to suicide back in 1981, this is in itself a remarkable fact; I think that I have always loved her.

I still love her, but I'm working on it.

Women make me sick.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

ouch ! let it go...lifes too short.

Paul said...

"Let it go"? No, that's not possible. No possibility of indifference, it can only be love or hate, and love is still in front.

"Life's too short"? At present it seems rather too long!