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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Slack and Lazy

I am a notorious pedant - especially in regard to the English language; "T" (see previous post) said to me that she found my pedantry "sexy" and when I once made a cartoon which read "Pedantry - the route to insanity" and sent it to her, she replied "It's the route to my heart."

Anyway, the title of today's message concerns my annoyance at the BBC's horrible abbreviation of the words "Metropolitan" and "Meteorological" ("MET"} relating respectively to the "Met Police" and the "Met Office" in BBC-speak. I feel entitled to consider the so-called "Met Police" as the Meteorological Police - why not? - those Climate Change bores who nag us to death with their panic-mongering.

And on the subject of the BBC, what's a "Pry Minister' and a "Seckertree of State", and why is the Chancellor of the Exchequer referred to as "The Chancellor?"

It really will not do.

Until the next time - if there is one.

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