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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Yet Another African Bandit

As if that beleaguered continent needed another!

This time it's a bloke called (unpronounceably) Gbagbo who thinks that he is president of the Ivory Coast or Côte d'Ivoire. It seems that he might not be following a presidential "run-off" that took place recently. It seems that Gbagbo (did I get that right?) follows Stalin's dictum that "it doesn't matter who voted for whom; what is important is who counts the votes." Or in this case who has an army that is for the time being, loyal - always a bit tricky where the Afs are concerned.

The Daily Telegraph article includes an intriguing paragraph:

Earlier on Saturday masked men in military uniforms opened fire on the UN base. No one was injured, but the incident underscores the perilous position of the 10,000-strong mission that includes personnel from Ireland, France and Poland. UNOCI deployed in 2004 to help keep the peace after civil war divided the country, once one of Africa's most stable.

10,000-strong says the article. These are modern western-trained troops, one hopes for their sakes, equipped with proper stuff. Why didn't they vaporise these scum? The problem with these "peace-keeping" missions is that their rules of engagement are probably crap - as we saw with the Dutch in Bosnia.

Give them proper rules: let them blow away these shitheads; I'm fed up with hearing about these bloody people; I suppose Gbagbo won't suffer too much: he's probably got billions salted away like the rest of them - even that appalling turd "Omar al-Basher" in Sudan (according to Wikileaks). Of course he's an "al"; he would be wouldn't he?


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banned said...

I think that you will find that the 'gb' represents a sort of click of the tongue against the roof of the mouth as used in many African languages.
Not really bothered though as he is just one more African dictator just Omar al-Basher in Sudan which country (laugh or cry) got a seat on the UN human Rights commission even though al-Basher has been indicted for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

Paul said...

Thanks for that and yes, I have also ranted long about Basher and his beardy pals in Sudan. They really are despicable, those people.