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Monday, 6 December 2010

The GREAT French Lie

And what you might demand, is the great French lie (Le grand mensonge français)?

I'll tell you; it takes just two words: "Ouverture Facile"

For the non-francophones amongst you, this means "easy to open" a statement found on all sorts of plastics packages such as those that contain sandwiches or sliced ham and so on.

It is never true. I saw people on the TGV amazed as I pulled out a large pocket-knife (perfectly legal in France) to attack one of SNCF's sandwich packets. N.B. Most Frenchmen - at least here in Haute Savoie, carry some sort of pocket-knife. I use mine to slice saucisson or cheese at informal gatherings, quite apart from tackling the "ouverture facile" syndrome.

Can anyone tell me why French manufacturers persist with this gross untruth?

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