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Monday 28 June 2010

L'Internet de Merde

Grr, grrr, grrrr!

If you are not presently living in France, but intend to do so, a friendly piece of advice: when choosing an Internet Service Provider do not choose Orange (who really should be called Lemon).

This organisation, part of France Telecom, the national PTT, is useless.

I do not live in one of the "middles of nowhere" of which there are so many in France; I live in Evian les Bains a small, but well-known town, famous of course for its mineral water. There is absolutely no excuse for the appalling service I receive here.

This evening I used the excellent Myspeed Internet speed testing service to test the service - when the page eventually loaded that is. Myspeed gives download and upload speeds to and from a variety of locations across the world. The so-called "ADSL" (= broadband) service this evening offered 395kb/s - steam age in other words, whilst Myspeed was unable to measure the upload speed!


They couldn't organise a pipi in a pissoir! It has taken half an hour to prepare this article...

Grr, grr, grr.

Until the next time


Fleur said...

Bonjour, Paul,
ça faisait longtemps que je ne vous avais pas lu et notamment vos grrr(incements de dents)contre ce qui ne va pas bien en France et ailleurs: ça a fini par me manquer !

Bon mois d'août et courage pour le prochain article (à cause de: "It has taken half an hour to prepare this article")!


Paul said...

Bonjour Fleur,

Longtemps bien-sûr - ça va?

Maintenant, l'internet ici fonctionne seulement au maitn - et alors lentement!

Bon mois d'aout à ous aussi.

A bientôt

Fleur said...

ça va! et vous? (à part cet Internet si paresseux)
à bientôt