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Monday, 28 June 2010

And just how much do we pay them?

The decades pass but the capacity of those overpaid parasites in the European Parliament to make themselves look ridiculous continues to amaze me - as much as I amaze myself at being amazed!

This time they have proposed a new regulation whereby food will be sold only by weight or volume, not by number.

So forget for example about buying a dozen eggs - if this absurd nonsense becomes reality.

What's the matter with these people? I cannot believe that in world with two active wars, an environmental disaster, the Middle East permanently in turmoil etc., etc., they cannot find something more useful to do.

To think that this absurd proposal was given more than ten seconds' consideration (and expensive translation into umpteen languages no doubt) beggars belief.

There have been protests thank God.

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NHBuckeye said...

Why is it that Europeans so easily submit themselves to a vast bureaucracy that makes even the simplest decisions for them? And why is it that the ruling class feels it necessary to regulate every such detail in European life? Unfortunately we have some "political elites" here in the United States who think they, too, should be deciding all sorts of things for we the stupid, greedy, and racist people. Those "political elites" are about to find themselves without a job or power here, I hope though doubt the same is true in Europe.

Paul said...


Good question and the whole "democratic model" is riddled with hypocrisy e.g. whn the Austrians unwisely elected a far-right character. The row in Brussels was extraordinary - but as I always say, either you have democracy or you don't.

And of course I agree that there are far too many of the so-called "great and the good" the "liberal consensus" ordering us about after having ignored our preferences at election time.

I should like to see a return to old-fashioned Liberalism - minimum government please!

Thanks for taking the trouble to comment.