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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Raspberry Beret" is at it again

Yes it's that (appalling) man again, up to his control tricks.

First, in an act reminiscent of that lunatic Mugabe, President Chavez of Venzuela has sent in troops to take control of foreign-owned oil service companies: "This is a revolutionary offensive" he says. Idiot. Already under pressure since the lower oil price makes his silly socialist schemes more difficult to sustain, this act will probably in the longer run have a serious impact on oil output. Just like Mugabe stealilng white-owned farms and giving them to his terrorist and murderous associates. Second, as you will see from the Telegraph article, he is trying to suppress the free press so in this respect he is copying his friends in Russia.

Well now, Raspberry Beret's latest brainwave is the introduction of a portable telephone, just the sort of thing for a President wouldn't you say?

Chavez has named the phone "Vergatario." This translates as "prick" meaning penis. (In French the word is "Verge" so French visitors are always amused when they see the English road-sign that reads "Warning: soft verge").

A prick with a prick
Image: Daily Telegraph

Chavez is a dangerous clown.

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