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Friday 29 May 2009

North Korea

Hello again.

The recent news that North Korea has tested a nuclear weapon, and also launched a couple of missiles, reminded me that I have really given scant attention to this tragic failed state and its vergatorio of a ("dear") leader - the deeply unattractive Kim Jong-Il.

Yes North Korea, the country that cannot feed itself, yet has resources to build missiles and even nuclear weapons; not cheap undertakings even there.

Anyway a visit today to the excellent Dark Roasted Blend site, which I strongly recommend, provided a photograph perhaps even more terrifying than one of Kim-Jong-Il surrounded by all his brass-hats: North Korea's secret weapon...

Picture source: Dark Roasted Blend

They should be wearing sequinned swimsuits and be performing at the London Palladium - just like the Tiller Girls used to:

The Tiller Girls. Picture Source here

Altogether more wholesome I think and certainly less threatening.

Until the next time

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