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Sunday 20 July 2008

No not the iPhone 3G - but the Olympic Games

iPhone 3G - source: mobilewhack.com

I am utterly fed up with hearing about the new iPhone 3G from Apple - and fed up with pictures of mugs queuing up for days in the street to buy the latest "must-have" from Apple. Talk about "get-a-life"! The rest of this article has nothing at all to do with Apple or the iPhone - this was just an opportunity for a bit of a gratuitous rant!

Anyway, soon I shall be fed up with the Olympic Games. I am sorry to say that every four years, I have felt utter boredom gathering around my head as the games play out to media saturation - they have never had any interest for me. However this time there is an element of anger too. I have already written about the forthcoming Peking games here but was especially interested to see the warm (in more than one sense of the word) welcome awaiting any visitor foolish enough not to toe the official line.

No, not for a barbecue as we know it - this is a flame-thrower...

A real old-fashioned welcome then!
Pictures: The Boston Globe

Now of course the Chinese are quite correct in preparing in case of terrorism, that curse of the modern age, but personally, I find flame-throwers un peu de trop...

More excellent pictures and text in the article in the Boston Globe.

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