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Tuesday 8 July 2008

Head-Scratching Time

It is said that life is full of surprises. When I hear this old saw I generally stifle a yawn and respond "Oh yeah?" reflecting that I had not received a welcome surprise whilst checking my lottery numbers.

But today I was surprised; a cynic such as I might have remarked that I shouldn't have been, but nevertheless I was.

Yes alright, I'm coming to it.

What surprised me was to find that there is a website in England called Readersheds.

Believe it or not, this site concerns Garden Sheds... "We Sheds" is the heading on the page!. There is a long list of blogs with such riveting titles as "Shedweek - Do you want a rotating mechanism in your shed?" (pass) or possibly more entertaining "What do YOU do in your shed?" (possibilities there I think).

I clicked on one of the pictures on the site and was thrilled to read that this picture had had 2980 views.

I now wonder if I really actually do need to get out more...

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