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Sunday 22 February 2015

A Bunch of Shits

Al-this, al-that - all a bunch of horrible wankers.

The latest shower of shit, I have mentioned before on this blog; this is those pathetic and equally terrifying Afs - "Al-Shabab" (I like the idea of "Al-Kebab" - has anyone done that yet?).  These are the arseholes who like to whip people for the appalling"sin" of dancing...

These untermenschen are have apparently threatened to carry out attacks on shopping centres in the USA and in England and elsewhere.

Why do they do this?  Why don't they just remain in their African shithole, where there is plenty of room, and spend their days on their knees worshipping their stupid god?

Remember al-this and al-that, god did not make man! No - it was the other way around!


Oh gawd, I am an infidel - it keeps me awake at nights - does it mean I don't get the 72 virgins? Well pay attention Al-kebab: I don't want any bloody virgins, so just piss off all right?

Until the next time.
(Charlie is very cool)


Anonymous said...

my Irish friend says "at least it takes the heat off them for a bit"

Anonymous said...

WHATS GOING ON???? months now, a whole election campaign, and still no ranting words.....gone soft in your old age..?