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Friday 20 July 2012

Thursday's Child?

Mr Onymous commented on my last post regarding another awful Thursday, suggesting that I should "get out more."

Well I do get out; here's a typical day, chez moi:

10:00 get up
10:01 - 10:04 shuffle about a bit, think about HER
10:05 Tea, read emails, news on Internet etc. Cigarette
10:30 Wash, shave, dress, think about HER
11:00 Breakfast: Waitrose malted wheats, coffee with double cream; cigarette, think about HER
11:30  work on amplifiers
16:00-ish Go out for walk to Hammersmith, browse in secondhand book shop, buy book(s) take to Star cafe for large fry-up and tea and a read.
18:00 At home, more amplifiers
20:45 Internet
21:30 BEER, think about HER, read book(s)
23:10 return home, tea Internet, think about HER
24:00 Bed, book, sleeping pill

For those who might think "get a life", this is one, mine.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

what!Fry-ups, books and no TV. You are apparently culturally deprived. However,I feel, its the "thinking about her" thats gets in the way. "get out more" should have carried some subtext that suggested getting out without Kate as baggage and perhaps at least trying to come to terms with your loss.If loss it is.She hasn`t treated you very well. Whatever kind of relationship you have had in the past can never be rekindled in the same fashion merely because of that history. It is trite to say ,move on, but move on you must. Why waste our short lives on lost love?

Paul said...

Definitely no TV; just like Kate, and her predecessor, Corina, I loathe the television. I watch only Formula 1, and sometimes the snooker and a little golf - and of course Wimbledon. And that's really it. I do have to watch sometimes when I am elsewhere.

"She hasn't treated you very well"

She treated me appallingly and without any proper explanation. No doubt (I have no information of course) she consoles her amour-propre with all kinds of elaborate lies to justify her position - that is if she can be bothered at all which perhaps she cannot.

As for "moving on" well I am am I not?

"Moving on" a term used by the disgusting Bliar in connexion with his shaking hands with the even more disgusting Adams and McGuinness (this got me a letter printed in the "Telegraph" by the way.

Anonymous said...

I told you it was being trite. If the US was a nicer place you could take Franks advice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ialhaxhr7iA

Paul said...

Unfortunately I never quite managed to get to the U.S. Very close once...

I consider the United States to be 50 countries, many of which are much larger than our own, so I cannot comment as to whether the U.S. is "nice" or not.

Anonymous said...

its the size of japan and the Marlboro Man came from there. Talking of which,whilst i am happy to read Einsteins take on the day, I do slightly wonder why Allan Carr has to try and bludgeon me into giving up fags at the same time

Paul said...

According to the CIA World Factbook, the U.S. has an approximate area of 9,800.000 sq, km; and Japan's approximate area is 377,000 sq, km, therefore the U.S. is much larger...

Marlboro Man came from Japan?

Anti-smoking bastard fascists are the same the world over; many reformed smokers are even worse.

Anonymous said...

They were right. You are a pedant. Leaking radiation comes from Japan and the CIA are a bunch of fascist bastards but Marlboro Man still came from Montana before he died from smoking related causes.

Paul said...

Yes, Pedantry for ever; pedantry=perfectionism - pedantry: perfectionism in an imperfect world.

It is not correct to describe the CIA as "fascists" any more then it would be to describe them as Bolshevists (two equally revolting systems with more or less identical outcomes historically at least).
Ruthless certainly and of course ruthlessness applies equally to every national intelligence organisation; otherwise these organisations could never function; many might argue that it would be better that way, but that will never happen.

Re radiation leaks, best to avoid Cornwall; the serpentine rock there apparently gives off dangerous quantities of Radon gas.