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Thursday 10 May 2012

Sixteen & Fifteen - & Anthony Powell



Here's an interesting quote from Anthony Powell's first novel, Afternoon Men, published in 1931.

As it happened, no one would go along to Mr Scheigan's place, but it was a long time before it was possible to make this clear to Mr Scheigan himself.  Then they had to explain to him that Harriet had gone away without him.  This he would not believe at all.  He said:
'But she said she was coming right back to wish me good night.'
Barlow said: 'But life is like that, Mr Scheigan.  You must have learnt that by this time.'

But Mr Scheigan had not learned it and he was very, very angry.


Atwater looked round the room and noticed that Susan Nunnery seemed to have disappeared.  He heard Barlow say to Mr Scheigan: 'Take my advice in future and steer clear of women.'

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