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Wednesday 13 October 2010

A Favourite Film

I see that since I started this blog that there have been just 197 visits to view my profile. I agree that my profile is perhaps not riveting stuff, but those 197 of you that have visited this dank corner might have noticed that one of my favourite films is the late Michelangelo Antonioni's BLOWUP.

As I am not a film buff of any sort (see my post here concerning film directors) it is perhaps surprising that I love this movie as it is considered to be "arty" which I suppose it is.

Set in "Swinging London" in 1966 it is wonderfully atmospheric - hardly any music apart from some Herbie Hancock jazz and the famous cameo of the Yardbirds with Jimmie Page and Jeff Beck performing "Train Kept a-rolling" - and I think that the film can be enjoyed as much for the clever use of incidental sounds as for its excellent photography and fine acting from David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave.

Here's the trailer:

I suppose I have watched this film at least thirty times and yes, like other members of the "cult" have been to Maryon Park (a central part of the film) and made a few photographs there too. Whilst at the park I spoke to one of the park-keepers - and of course he was full of fascinating information, since he has to deal with enquiries from the many eccentrics (like this writer) who just have to visit the scene.

The Internet Movie Data Base has plenty of information and many fine critiques submitted by members and of course lots of fascinating trivia plus a list of MISTAKES.

While researchinng for this piece I found that another fanatic has cleverly put together a short video illustrating the errors; shame about the soundtrack, but quite amusing nonetheless:

Finally enjoy this clip featuring Hemmings and the amazing super-model, Verushka. Listen to the sounds at the beginning of the scene - atmospheric!

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