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Sunday 3 January 2010

The Best Job in the World


And a happy new year to you all.

You might recall that about six months ago, a young Englishman won a world-wide competition for "The Best Job in the World." The competition was organised by the Australian state of Queensland, the idea being to promote tourism in the region.

The job involved living in a luxury house on an island, fooling about swimming etc., and writing some blog articles on the subject. For this, Mr Southall was paid $110,000. Sadly close to the end of his six-month engagement, Mr Southall received a very nasty sting from a tiny jellyfish.

Quite apart from the jellyfish, which sounds most unpleasant, I have to say that whilst living in a luxury house anywhere is extremely attractive, I could never imagine myself at any age, being cast in the rôle of the rather hyper-active Mr Southall.

Ben Southall
Image source

No: someone else has my dream job!

This lucky individual is Paul Lahmiesc; his job? To lie all day on a bed in a shop in Rome as a publicity stunt. How nice! Unfortunately, even were the job to be vacant, just as I could not (at any age) hope to compete with Mr Southall, I could not, for different reasons, and again, at any age, hope to compete with Mr Lahmiesc. He is very good-looking and has a fine head of hair to boot!

Paul Lahmiesc
Image source
Oh well, back to reality for me. Perhaps I'll win the lottery by way of compensation - no, wait - I said "reality"...

Ho hum!

Until the next time

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