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Sunday 18 January 2009

HRH Prince Harry

HRH Prince Harry.  Picture, Daily Telegraph

There has recently been a row resulting from the Murdoch gutter-rag, The News of the World having got its hands on a video clip showing the Prince using the words "our little Paki friend." in reference to a fellow officer in the British Army.  This has been christened "racist" by the race-relations industry in Britain and the Prince has been forced to issue an apology.

This is pure sensationalism; the News of the World, in any case is in no position to preach at anybody.  In its struggle to maintain the moral standards of the nation, it is nevertheless happy to carry all sorts of unsavoury advertising...

And to confuse banter in an army unit with "racism" is profoundly disingenuous.

Well, next time someone calls me a "Brit" I too shall demand an apology.  I take great exception to this epithet, especially since it was a favourite expression of the disgusting IRA.  I am an Englishman, not a "Brit."  Let's all get really stuffy shall we?

I should like to hear from Australians on this subject; are they disgusted by being referred to as "Aussies"?

Australian: Aussie
Briton; Brit
Pakistani: Paki

Perhaps somebody could tell me which is the odd one out?

And no, I am not being disingenuous.

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