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Thursday 5 June 2008

Shutting the Stable Door after the Horse has Bolted

I have used the famous old English expression for the title above to illustrate the latest in regulations from the EU in Brussels, the home of interference, bossiness and waste.

This time it has been decided that the Pizza Napolitana must be thoroughly defined and protected. Now I can see the sense for Champagne, Sherry, certain types of cheese and in a perfect world, fine tobaccos, but a dish that was originally cobbled together from whatever was to hand, is to me, rather stretching credulity. And indeed, Napolitanas are produced in stupendous numbers, daily, around the world.

Here, from the BBC is a short video showing how to make a "Napolitana" and here is a link to the full article.

Now here are some pictures, all purporting to illustrate "Pizza Napolitana"; as may be seen ,they are all exactly alike (!):

Now, I should be interested to hear how many EU inspectors are going to be employed (at public expense of course) to ensure that henceforth Napolitanas meet the "standard" - or should that be "standards"??

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