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Friday 29 February 2008

Bandits - IV

Source: Daily Mail

The collection of disgusting indiviiduals that I have featured so far in this series are happily dead having lived far too long (they should all have been drowned at birth).

Unfortunately for the long-suffering Zimbabwean population the turd pictured above is still alive and at 84 years of age standing again for election, for another spell of brutality accompanied by incompetence and ruination.

Yes he is Robert Mugabe, described by Sir Christopher Soames, a British diplomat, as "a particularly unpleasant man." This description was made at the Lancaster House Talks in London in the late 1960s which led to the independence of the country and prompted Stevie Wonder to sing "Peace has come to Zimbabwe" in his song "Master Blaster" from the album "Hotter than July". The photograph below is an illustration of how accurate Mr Wonder's information was...

Source: Zimaction

Yes, these are some of Mugabe's high-class police in action. Sir Christopher was better informed I think, than Mr Wonder.

Of course with the election very near, motor-mouth Mugabe has moved up a gear and is spouting rubbish worthy even of Mohammed Fayed as this article illustrates. A quote from the article:

"This is the official start of our march to another electoral victory," he said.

But he added, gazing across auditorium: "You who are here with us, I hope I trust you, all of you. Some politicians are sell outs, political prostitutes, political charlatans and two-headed political creatures."

No comment from me seems to be necessary!

Finally, the web has proven to be rich with illustrations of perceptions of this pustule on the surface of humanity. The following shows how the useless Thabo Mbeki of South Africa deals with the tyrant.

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