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Monday, 18 July 2016

Bloody Fools

The headline above is not a reference to the outcome of the recent referendum concerning the Untied Kingdom's membership of the European Union; I made my views clear in my previous post here and I have not changed my mind.
No, I am referring to events last weekend in Turkey.
First I must make clear that the deaths of several hundred people is tragic.  Equally I must say that had the people ignored President Erdogan's request to come out into the streets and instead remained at home, perhaps there would have been less bloodshed.  Of course, there is in Turkey a long tradition of military coups and perhaps collective memory inspired the popular support for the president.
We are informed that this is a triumph for "democracy" that much over-used concept used to justify all sorts of rubbish - if in doubt consider e.g. the late and unlamented German Democratic Republic, or the appalling Democratic Republic of Congo.
Can the Turkish people not see what Erdogan is doing? 
He is destroying Mustapha Kemal's (Ataturk's) brilliant modernisation and secularisation of the country.  And he is doing his best to become a new Putin - or even worse, possibly aping some of those bandits who rule a sea of corruption in such countries as Kazakhstan, Azerbijan or Belarus, with iron hands.
Moral?  Get democratic and cut your own throat - why not ask some of the journalists currently imprisoned in Turkey?
Very sad, and I am certain that the great Ataturk is spinning in his grave.
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Saturday, 18 June 2016


That's what I shall do.

Absolutely no offence to my European friends:  I like Europeans - it's the EU that's the problem.  Should they recant and restore the Common Market then I may well change my mind.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Bunch of Shits

Al-this, al-that - all a bunch of horrible wankers.

The latest shower of shit, I have mentioned before on this blog; this is those pathetic and equally terrifying Afs - "Al-Shabab" (I like the idea of "Al-Kebab" - has anyone done that yet?).  These are the arseholes who like to whip people for the appalling"sin" of dancing...

These untermenschen are have apparently threatened to carry out attacks on shopping centres in the USA and in England and elsewhere.

Why do they do this?  Why don't they just remain in their African shithole, where there is plenty of room, and spend their days on their knees worshipping their stupid god?

Remember al-this and al-that, god did not make man! No - it was the other way around!


Oh gawd, I am an infidel - it keeps me awake at nights - does it mean I don't get the 72 virgins? Well pay attention Al-kebab: I don't want any bloody virgins, so just piss off all right?

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(Charlie is very cool)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

14th February 2015

St Valentine's day is always the lowspot of the year for reasons recorded here three years ago.

Those of you who talk of "time, the great healer" don't know what you are talking about.

This year the blues are worse because of this nightmare:

Bluetooth: the most infuriating, time-wasting, frustrating pile of piss-useless crap  with which I have ever had the misfortune to deal.  I have wasted countless hours trying to make this rubbishy system work; if it NEVER worked that would be one thing, but here it works when I don't want it to, or it works for a while and just stops or as now it doesn't work at all.

Surely there must be millions of fellow sufferers out there in the "Blogosphere"; you have my sympathy and understanding.  

It ties in with one of the greatest all-time lies (like "the cheque's in the post) which is "Plug and Play".

I have complained before about this LIE.  And I have also pointed out, entirely fairly that if motor-manufacturers produced cars as useless as some of this junk, there'd likely be murder done, which in my view could rightly be called "justifiable homicide."

Not a happy bunny today.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

650: A Tract for the Times

It should be abundantly clear to any of you who have read my articles, that it is in my nature to deplore the present and so-called progress; I suppose that I am one of those people one hears or reads about that seek an England, or perhaps a world, that never existed.  To this suggestion – accusation – I say “guilty!”

My way of adapting to this shortcoming – if indeed it is (I am not convinced) – is to escape into the sort of literature that takes me into the past – at least, largely before 1950. 

Mark Twain famously described the Classics, i.e. in literature, as “something that everyone wants to have read and that nobody wants to read."  Having not had what I would call an education, this observation has a special relevance to this writer.  And in consequence, my reading is to say the least, indisciplined, my selections being somewhat haphazard.  Of two recent examples, one was a great disappointment, whilst the other – a success – has helped reinforce the opinion I expressed here in my first paragraph. 

The first one is quickly dealt with; for years I had intended to read Michael Arlen’s famous novel set in 1920s English high society: The Green Hat.  I do not know why I had not addressed this earlier, but there it is.  Well I received a few days ago, a copy of the book and immediately started on it; I managed to get halfway through and then, wearied by a lot of pseudo-psychological meanderings, I cast it aside: a washout.

Ah! But the other one!  This is a gem – a veritable treasure, happily discovered at the charity bookshop at which, for two pleasant afternoons a week, I work as a volunteer.  The book carries the title Our Village and was written by Miss Mary Russell Mitford.  It is a collection of articles published in the 1820s, which described life in Three Mile Cross, a Berkshire village three miles south of Reading.  The stories are delightful, taken as they are from the reality of the rural life of the period.  No-one could possibly deny that life was hard for most of the people, but I sincerely doubt that on the whole they were any less happy than their descendants today – and indeed I suspect that they may actually have been happier, or at least less discontented.  The clear message that I get from the stories is the “naturalness” of life as it was then lived – and Miss Mitford’s writings have led me to believe that this life really did exist! 

Now then, a message from today – a parallel perhaps? – reported by the BBC and incorporating the wonderful photographs of Asher Svidensky.

Look at the pictures below: a thirteen-year-old girl in Mongolia who hunts foxes with a golden eagle.  Does she go to a discotheque, drive a Ferrari? have a 96-inch TV set?  I doubt it.

And does she look unhappy?  Wonderful this girl, now a sort of heroine to me; she has everything to piss off the lefty namby-pambies in this country: she HUNTS foxes (shock) has a real fur hat (double shock) uses an eagle taken from its nest as a chick (outrage) - not to mention the 'elf 'n' safety aspects (treble shock horror).  Mr Chris Packham would be truly disgusted I am sure.

And does the eagle look unhappy?

Actually, no!

Now compare those images with this picture: English schoolchildren, all prepared to play conkers, with safety goggles. Dear God!  When I told someone about this, I had to work quite hard to convince him that this was actually true.

Where did we lose the plot, with our hygiene, health and safety and so on?  Have YOU had your "five-a-day" this week and not exceeded the recommended number of units of alcohol (whatever they might be)? I do hope you've kept to the speed limits, eschewed tobacco etc., etc. ad nauseam.

Please hand me the keys to the time machine.

Meanwhile today I visited the village of Three Mile Cross and had lunch in the pub next door to Miss Mitford's former home.  I'll write something about this trip very soon.

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Friday, 11 April 2014

649: Fancy a Laugh?


The "personage" portrayed in the image above rejoices in the jaw-breaking name SHREE KASHTABHANJAN DEV HANUMANJI. Hilarious isn't he?  Les Dawson had nothing on him!

The Wikipedia piece on Exorcists includes another image of this bloke with a caption that reads: The image of Hanuman at the Hanuman temple in Sarangpur is said to be so powerful that a mere look at it by people affected by evil spirits, drives the evil spirits out of the people affected[4]

Oh really? Well I say "bollocks," although I would like an introduction to his dentist who, judging by the gnashers on display appears to be an altogether superior being.

For some reason, which escapes my memory I started today to investigate "demoniacal possession" which of course led me to exorcism, exorcists and some of the rest of the associated ridiculous mumbo-jumbo that has collected around the subject over the past few thousand years.

I have posted here before about the pathetic and indeed ludicrous beliefs of the so-called "creationists" who apparently imagine that earth is about 6000 years old.  And as for those who believe in demoniacal possession - well - I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  This tragic case - a relatively recent one that occurred in a civilised country - frankly beggars belief. 

I wonder that these fruitcakes don't summon the Witchfinder-General, and I remain amazed that people can be so incredibly stupid and gullible to believe in this rubbish.

I was unfortunately baptised and brought up a Roman Catholic - a fine source of superstitious nonsense - and in later life (i.e. now) a source of considerable distress to me - to think that these perverted bastards tried to corrupt my mind  - and may well in fact have done; how can I know?  An especial bugbear is the wonderfully- named the Index Librorum Prohibitorum - a list of books that the Catholic Church in its "wisdom" decided that the faithful should not read.  This nonsense lasted from 1529 - 1966. For a long time various scientific works (e.g. Descartes, imagine!) were banned and of course sex, unsurprisingly was off the menu (except of course for a number of VERY naughty Popes). Please click on the link and read for another belly-laugh.

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