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Thursday 11 September 2008

The Great Satan

Is how the USA is viewed in many parts of the world.  Now that the USA has decided to take direct action to control the terrorists that are operating from Pakistan with impunity and, it is alleged, the covert co-operation of the Pakistani intelligence services, Pakistanis are now describing the USA as "Terrorists."

Well here's my view: no, I do not believe that the USA has "clean hands" - there is plenty of dirt to dig - with recent revelations about secret CIA jails in Poland for example.  But I think that the US, which cannot have taken this decision lightly is, I believe entitled to do all it can to defend its soldiers who are fighting a nasty UN-sanctioned war in Afganistan.

Nevertheless I also see that US helicopters are landing aid in Haiti, following the damage caused by hurricane Ike.  Haiti is a country ruined by the rule of utter bastards (like that disgusting piece of shit "Papa Doc Duvalier" - makes me hope that there is  a hell and that he is keeping Pol Pot, Joe Stalin, Odilo Globocnik et al, company in the very hottest part). And I see that US ships are landing aid in Georgia, perhaps for political reasons, but nevertheless, aid is aid.

I do not see Russian, Chinese, Arab or Pakistani ships unloading aid, so my message to the complainers is:


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