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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Have you tried Chrome?

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The word on the bazaars is that Google has released Chrome a little early as a result of the famous leak the other day.

So far many reports have been favourable, particularly in regard to the speed of the new browser. I have loaded it onto one of my computers (it refuses to install on the other one) and it seems pretty quick to me. However it is very much in Beta - one cynic commented: "Aren't all Google's products in Beta?"!

Meanwhile at The Register the conspiracy theorists have been hard at work, mercilessly lampooning Google's "cartoon-style" launch documentation pointing out that the European map shows a "Greater Denmark":

On the other hand, The Register has a more serious point to make about copyright issues that appear in Google Chrome's End-User Licence Agreement (EULA); the opinion is expressed that any user of Chrome is required to assign copyright of all his material to Google. This of course has those conspiracy theorists up in arms although others suggest that it's actually an oversight at Google; we shall see - Google is usally fairly quick to react.

Nevertheless it's a timely reminder to all those (like me) who click "I agree" rather than read through all that legal blurb.

This time it really is a case of "watch that space."

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