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Wednesday 19 February 2014

622: Disgusting

Horrified I am, to read about the brutal treatment meted out to members of Pussy Riot, by Cossack security guards at Sochi.

I had always understood that the Cossacks were robust, but equally men of honour.  This, if the reports are true as they appear to be, is obviously no longer applicable.  And if there is some sort of hierarchy amongst the Cossacks, I expect an immediate statement disassociating the "order" from these dreadful people.

They are obviously scum: the lowest of the low.  After all it takes a really big man to beat up a girl.

'Stinking vermin' is the description that these people deserve - or perhaps 'Stalin' Putin's lap-dogs and arse-kissers?

If I were one of Britain's athletes competing in the Winter Olympic Games, I would feel distinctly uncomfortable.

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Anonymous said...

coppers the world over....love beating people at demos. Maintaining the status quo, protecting the bosses and beating any dissenting voice into submission.Here in UK our fluorescent boys in blue swap jackets at demos so it becomes pointless to note an abusing officers number. Happening now at Barton Moss !!!


Paul said...

I have no idea about what is going on at Barton Moss, but I agree that it is entirely incorrect for the police to beat up people - except of course in genuine self defence.

As you know I am wholly in favour of fracking and provided that those involved in the process have the necessary permissions and permits they should be free to carry out their work without threats and interruption as at Balcombe.

Peaceful protest is of course entirely acceptable.

Anonymous said...



Paul said...

Absolutely; horrible, beastly thugs. See my addition to the post on the Sochi Games.