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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Well, well.

The supporters of Wikileaks have been quick to respond to to the actions of - amongst others - Paypal, Mastercard, Amazon and VISA. As most of you know by now, substantial "denial of service" operations have been taking place, which today succeeded in bringing down Mastercard's site.

This New York Times article includes a splendid line:

"The initial decision to deny service to WikiLeaks," he said, was “Mastercard’s alone,” and was not made under government pressure.

Ah! shades of Mandy Rice-Davies: "He would say that wouldn't he?"

Taking the spokesman's words at face value, I suppose it depends upon what one calls pressure; it can after all, be internal as well as external can it not?

Until the next time.

1 comment:

banned said...

That statement by Mastercard is simply laughable and they must surely know it.

I don't claim to know how “denial of service” attacks work but I understand that you do not have to be particularly sophisticated to do it. Congrats to "anonymous".

Bail is only denied to the accused for one of three reasons.
1) He might repeat the 'crime'
2) might intimidate witnesses
3) might abscond from justice.

Given that Mr Assange surrendered himself voluntarilly the magistrates might have been on firmer ground citing #1.